A new page for vendors I’m endorsing!  Stephen Colbert, please don’t sue me for infringement 🙂


My first pick, an affordable baker who makes adorable (and delectable!) dessert fare… tell her I sent you!

Jump to: http://bakepastel.wordpress.com/pictures/

Bon Apetite!


Next up, an event planner with phenomenal credentials and amazing style (her wedding envelopes were among my favorite to address ever)..  Tri-State area brides take note- this gal is in the process of getting married herself (read: she knows what it’s like to be planning a wedding, as well as all of the current trends and looks!!)  Tell her I sent you via the Dani Writes Bump 🙂


…because she went to school just to make your wedding planning easier.


My own wedding photographer.. simply amazing and at ridiculous rates.  She’s based out of Colorado, but was so accomodating and came all the way out to NJ to shoot our big day.  Our engagement photos were up the day after the shoot, and a spread of our wedding pictures were up two days after the wedding to send to friends and family… need I say more?


Her husband is pretty handy with the camera as well!!


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